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Plasma Table
Processing Capabilities
Mild steel up to 1/2" thick
Stainless steel up to 3/8" thick
Copper up to 3/8" thick
Maximum sheet size 6' x 15'
Advantages:  High definition plasma will achieve a more accurate cut piece. Reduced angles on sides range from 2 to 4 degrees.   Nearly square cut edges reduce the need for further machining.  Computerized controls allow for practically dross free parts.  CNC controller ensures repeatability.
Production Saw
Processing Capabilities
Inbound steel lengths up to 44 ft
Maximum bundle cut size 27"W x 20"H  
Minimum round diameter 1" solid bar
Minimum round diameter 3/4" tubing
Maximum cut length 16 ft
Advantages:   Bundle cutting of material reduces time and allows us to lower cost.  Wide range of material processing capability.  CNC controlled cutting allows for tighter tolerances.  Automated feed means less material handling time.  Minimal burr reduces the need for additional processing.
Job Saw
Processing Capabilities
Inbound steel lengths up to 44'
Maximum bundle cut size 17"W x 20"H  
Miter and straight cuts
Miter cuts greater than 45°
Minimum round diameter 1/2" solid bar
Minimum round diameter 1/2" tubing
Maximum cut length 30 ft
Advantages: We have developed a process allowing us to cut angles greater than 45°.  CNC controls means tighter tolerances and repeatablity.  Automated feed reduces material handling time and translates to lower cutting cost.